Refer a friend

Help us expand our network and claim your reward!

Is a friend of yours looking for a new challenge? Is the contract of one of your colleagues coming to an end? Let us know and we’ll help them find a new challenge!

Help your friend find a new challenge and receive €500

At Ariad, we have an amazing network of clients and candidates. We work hard to improve our network every day and we want to reward you for helping us. With the referral program, we want to have even more eyes on the market who can help us connect the best in digital with their dream missions.

How does it work?

  1. You introduce Ariad to your friend and share their contact details.
  2. We reach out to understand their skills and expectations.
  3. We inform them about opportunities at Ariad and our clients.
  4. Your friend accepts an offer at Ariad or a client.
  5. You receive a € 500 bonus.