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We combine an in-depth understanding of the digital market with a proven, efficient recruitment process. In the short term, our interim managers can quickly bring stability and make an impact from the start. In the long term, our executives can make the changes last.

Choosing the right candidate is tough. A job interview and a reference check only offers so much information. We know the players, their peers and their track record and help everyone involved to make the right decision.

As an executive you want to focus on reaching your goals. That's what we want too. Let us take over the time and energy consuming parts of the recruitment process and avoid any obstacles along the way. We'll help quickly guide you to your next chief digital officer, marketing director, or the right digital leader that you need now.

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Finding talent who can take over projects quickly and efficiently is crucial. Ariad brings us in contact with profiles that are in line with our needs.

Sarah Catoul
Head of Digital Marketing ‐ AG Insurance

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