Belgium’s Digital Marketing Job Market for 2024: Insights and Perspectives, pt. 2

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Alaina Ferretti Brand and Marketing Manager
Alaina Ferretti
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Exploring Market Instability, Skill Demand, Talent Shortage, and Regional Challenges in the Belgian Digital Marketing Job Market
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As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive insights into the digital marketing job market in the Benelux region, we conducted an extensive biannual salary survey. The latest, the Income & Insight 2023 Report, offers a national overview of earnings for digital profiles, including expertises, industries, locations, and employment types (freelance and permanent) In addition to earnings, we also dive deeper into the sentiments and perspectives of digital marketers regarding the labor market and workplace trends. What’s motivating employees today, attracting and retaining them, and what’s making them happy?

We compared hundreds of responses from CX and digital marketing professionals in Belgium and identified 7 major themes within the current market sentiment. We discussed the first four in this article. Read on for explanations and examples of the next three themes. For a closer look into earnings and other data, download the Belgium Income & Insight 2023 Report.

Theme 5: Market Instability

Amidst positive sentiments, many respondents expressed concerns about market instability. Factors such as a deteriorating economy, signs of recession, and global uncertainty were cited as sources of worry. As one respondent stated, "There are a lot of external forces at play... If the negative sentiment keeps growing, we'll head for a total recession."


Job seekers should remain aware of the potential challenges associated with market instability. Flexibility and adaptability become crucial attributes in such circumstances. Diversifying skill sets, staying informed about market trends, and cultivating a proactive approach to career development can help all professionals navigate uncertain times. Employers should also remain vigilant and proactive in their strategies, balancing stability with agility to weather potential market fluctuations.

Theme 6: Skill Demand and Talent Shortage

Respondents highlighted the demand for specific digital skills and the challenges faced in finding skilled individuals for their teams. This indicates a talent shortage in the Belgian digital marketing job market. Job seekers with in-demand skills mentioned feeling confident about their prospects. As one respondent explained, "I think I have enough knowledge to adapt to the labor market even if my position were to disappear."

Professionals should leverage their specialized skills and expertise to stand out in the market. Acquiring in-demand skills through training programs or certifications can enhance employability. Employers should be proactive in identifying talent, offering competitive compensation packages, and providing opportunities for skill development to attract and retain top performers.

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Theme 7: Regional and Language-Based Challenges

Respondents also mentioned regional and language-based challenges in the Belgian job market. Non-Belgian professionals, particularly those proficient in French, expressed difficulties in finding good jobs due to perceived language-related biases. One respondent shared their experience of being refused a position based on accent assumptions, despite fluency and holding a C1 certificate in French. This highlights the need for greater inclusivity and fair assessment practices in the hiring process.

Professionals facing regional or language-based challenges should emphasize their language skills and cultural adaptability. Building a strong professional network, engaging with industry-specific communities, and showcasing cross-cultural competence can help overcome these barriers. Employers should strive for diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices, recognizing the value that international professionals bring to the table. Involving inclusive practices into your hiring process can ensure that your talent pool contains the most skilled professionals.


In the second part of our insight report on the Belgian digital marketing job market, we have explored the themes of market instability, skill demand, talent shortage, and regional challenges. While these themes present certain challenges, they also offer opportunities for professionals and employers to adapt and thrive.

Job seekers should remain adaptable, continuously develop their skills, and position themselves as experts in in-demand areas. Employers, on the other hand, should proactively identify talent, provide opportunities for skill development, and foster inclusive hiring practices.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Belgian digital marketing job market, including earnings, demographics, and further insights, download the Income and Insight 2023 Report from Ariad.


Stay connected with us for future updates and reports on the digital marketing job market in the Benelux region. By understanding the prevailing sentiments and trends, you can make informed decisions and navigate the dynamic landscape of this ever-evolving industry.

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