Belgium’s Digital Marketing Job Market for 2024: Insights and Perspectives, Pt. 1

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Alaina Ferretti Brand and Marketing Manager
Alaina Ferretti
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This is part 1 of Ariad's reporting series "Belgium’s Digital Marketing Job Market for 2024: Insights and Perspectives". Part 1 focus: Exploring Optimism and Earning Potential in the Belgian Digital Marketing Job Market

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive insights into the digital marketing job market in the Benelux region, we conduct an extensive biannual salary survey, the most recent in 2023. The report, titled the Income & Insight 2023 Report, offers a national overview of earnings for digital profiles, including expertises, industries, locations, and employment types (freelance and permanent). Access to this current data is important for all employers and job seekers alike. But while money buys most things, it can’t buy happiness alone. That’s why in addition to earnings, we also dive deeper into the sentiments and perspectives of digital marketers regarding the labor market and workplace trends. What’s motivating employees today, attracting and retaining them, and what’s making them happy?

We compared hundreds of responses from CX and digital marketing professionals in Belgium and identified 7 major themes within the current market sentiment. Read on for explanations and examples of each theme. For a closer look into earnings and other data, download the Belgium Income & Insight 2023 Report.

Theme 1: Growing Demand for CX and digital marketers in Belgium

One of the prevailing sentiments expressed by digital marketers in Belgium is the recognition of growing demand in the field. Respondents highlighted the need for domain experts and specialists, indicating an optimistic outlook for professional prospects. As one respondent stated, "We are in a good market where there is a high demand for domain experts." Another mentioned, "The need for specialists also seems to be there, so there are many opportunities."

This growing demand signifies promising opportunities for job hunters in the Belgian digital marketing and CX job market. Employers should take note of this trend and adapt their hiring strategies to attract and retain top talent. Emphasizing the availability of growth prospects and career development opportunities can be an effective way to appeal to digital marketing professionals seeking to capitalize on the expanding market.


Theme 2: Constant Innovation in the field

The digital marketing landscape is renowned for its dynamic nature, and respondents acknowledged the importance of keeping pace with constant innovation. They highlighted the need to stay updated with business, technical, and privacy-related advancements. While it can seem overwhelming, one respondent expressed, "As long as we have the willingness and the right resources to stay abreast with the constant changes that are deeply impacting our field, I believe we can take a breather."

For job hunters, this theme underscores the significance of continuous learning and professional development. Demonstrating a commitment to staying informed about emerging trends and acquiring new skills can make candidates stand out in a competitive market. Employers can leverage this trend by offering training programs, workshops, or mentorship opportunities to foster a culture of innovation within their organizations.

Theme 3: Importance of Remote Work and Flexibility

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work practices, and respondents echoed the importance of flexibility in work arrangements. They expressed appreciation for the benefits of remote work, such as improved work-life balance, time management, and reduced commuting time. As one respondent mentioned, "Flexibility is more and more important, and employers are starting to understand this point."

This theme presents both opportunities and challenges for job hunters and employers. Job seekers, particularly those looking for better work-life balance and flexibility, may prioritize companies that offer remote work options. Employers should recognize the value of flexible work arrangements and consider implementing policies that support remote work or hybrid models. Additionally, fostering a positive remote work culture and providing the necessary tools and infrastructure can help attract and retain talent in a competitive market.


Theme 4: The Impact of AI on the Digital Marketing Job Market

The theme of AI emerged as an important factor shaping the Belgian digital marketing job market. Respondents expressed both excitement and concerns about the increasing role of AI in the industry. While AI offers opportunities for automation, efficiency, and improved customer experiences, some digital marketers worry about potential job displacement. One optimistic respondent shared, "With the rise of AI as part of digitalization projects, new opportunities come along."

All professionals should be aware of the growing influence of AI in the digital marketing landscape and seek to utilitze AI capabilities to complement their skills and work. Demonstrating an understanding of AI's potential and positioning oneself as an AI-savvy digital marketer can be advantageous. Employers, too, should strike a balance between leveraging AI technology and valuing the human touch in marketing strategies. Investing in upskilling employees to work alongside AI systems can foster a harmonious integration of technology and human expertise.


To be continued…

The first part of our insight report on the Belgian digital marketing job market has explored the themes of growing demand, constant innovation, remote work flexibility and the impact of AI. These themes reflect an optimistic outlook among digital marketers and offer valuable insights for both employees and employers. Job seekers should focus on continuous learning, highlight their expertise in specialized areas, and may prioritize employers who offer flexible work arrangements. Employers, on the other hand, should emphasize growth opportunities, foster a culture of innovation, and adapt to the changing landscape, including considering more flexibility and remote work options.

To gain deeper insights into the earnings, demographics, and other aspects of the digital marketing job market in Belgium, download the Income & Insight 2023 Report.


Stay tuned for the second part of our insight report, where we dive into the remaining themes and offer further insights into the Belgian digital marketing job market.

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