Nicholas Spong

Digital Talent Consultant

My two mottos in life are ‘never stop learning’ and ‘do what you love’. I seek to put passion into everything I do and to continue feeding my hunger for knowledge.

Having started my journey in New York, making my way to Oxford some 8 years later, I have now wound up in the beautiful capital of Madrid. The path that took me here was my desire to become a more open, empathetic and supportive individual which led me to the career of teaching. It was during this time I discovered a true calling of mine; helping others to achieve their goals and objectives. I then focused on this passion and decided to study a Master’s in Human Resources Management where I could combine both my passion for learning as well as my desire to help people and apply it to a business perspective.

Now here at Ariad, I am encouraged to work with these passions in mind, helping shape the future for not only our clients but colleagues too, the same way Ariad has helped shape mine for the better.