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Digital Talent Consultant

A look into your life and career path as a digital talent consultant at Ariad

Your Talent Journey

In our 2-year talent journey as Digital Talent Consultant you can explore our main business areas: sales, recruitment and marketing. Having the opportunity to choose 3 different paths you will grow into a full digital talent consultant, specialized in connecting people and companies, experts and challenges.

Your first 9 months will take place in Almería after which you will go to Madrid for another 9 months and finally to Brussels for the last 6 months of the program.

During that time, you will learn and grow as you reach different milestones.

What do you need to succeed?

Whether you join us as a recruitment consultant or a junior business developer, a lot of the main skills are the same for both positions.

Starting your adventure & moving to Spain

Unless you are already living in Almería, this will require you to find a place to stay as well as taking care of some administration. This may seem overwhelming but Ariad has vast experience in guiding people through this process smoothly.

You will receive help with your trip, legal administration and anything else you need to get settled in Spain, hassle-free.

Life at Ariad

Our mission is to bring together Europe’s finest digital talent. That implies that we are social beings, with a strong focus on people. Our international team consists of a vibrant group of enthusiastic and determined professionals.

Our team members spare no effort to achieve a positive outcome, always exploring new ways to cope with change and upcoming challenges. We are honest and direct in a considerate way. We are empathetic and builders of strong relationships. This helps us to offer clear insights and workable solutions. We are wise enough to know why and which change is needed, straightforward and confident enough to point out every obstacle on our way, and hands-on enough to make it work.

Regular team building events are held several times each year, usually close to one of our three offices in Brussels, Madrid and Almería. Since we work from different locations, with flexible schedules and remote working options, it is quite possible that you collaborate with teammates every day without ever being in the same room. We strive to work as efficiently as possible by applying the agile way of working.

As a team, we really value these team building events--not only for the cool activities, but to connect with our team in a different setting, and IRL.

Between these events, our teams often organize other activities, like barbeques and tapas nights...muchos tapas nights. Each office has different hobbies. In Belgium, we started a running club that trains and participates in races together. In Almería, we have a pretty competitive darts league.

For a closer look into what we do, our instagram shares a behind-the-scene take on what we’re up to.

If you’re interested in joining us, sign up for the journey by applying for the role as Digital Talent Consultant!

Our values

Send us a hello (and your CV) to get started!

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Interested? Contact Karolien!

Karolien Westerink HR Manager karolien@ariadgroup.com +32 488 006 871