Ariad and StrengthsFinder

Supercharge your career by finding your unique talents and converting them into strengths.

We offer the guidance...

As an Ariad consultant, you're always ready to up your game and improve. What if you already have the skills you need?

One of the ways we help you grow is finding out together what your natural strengths are, and learning how you can leverage them in a powerful way. We use the StrengthsFinder Framework, created by the Gallup Institute, and your Ariad coach will support you in long-term personalized development.

"Your weaknesses may never develop, while your strengths can develop infinitely."

Don Clifton, StrengthsFinder founder really help you grow

At Ariad, your personal development is a top priority for your career. This means professional development and technical mastery, but also soft skill nurturing and supporting a fulfilling life.

The StrengthsFinder assessment highlights a variety of values, which help Ariad to better guide you to the best projects and match you with the right teams. Besides that, using your personal results can help you understand in what work you can truly excel and shine, how to market yourself and fully reach your potential.

Why we use StrengthsFinder

StrengthsFinder identifies your unique mix of strengths and how to showcase them. Working with your trained Ariad coach, you'll gain immediately actionable insights from your results so you can aim your purpose at greater performance. Beyond your career, you can leverage your top skills to find opportunities for development and success within your teams and personal relationships.

Inge Hermanns, specialized career coach, explains why she believes StrengthsFinder is essential:

"To be a consultant is a specific job. A consultant is aimed at being staffed properly on a project where they can be at their best. We look at their strengths profile and see their growth and what could be the next project that fits their path. And at the same time, the StrengthsFinder helps them to manage potential weaknesses. It gives consultants not only insights into their strengths, but also in their weaknesses. And from that point on, they can effectively talk about which skills they need to learn to prevent that."

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