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Keeping up with rapidly changing customer needs

Unpredictable demand: a new normal

Keeping up with (or ahead of) consumer demand and expectation has always been a huge challenge. Brands that manage to regularly offer next-level solutions for their customers' contemporary tastes are rewarded with a top reputation, consumer loyalty, and brand ambassadors.

But now more than ever we’re seeing behaviours and needs change basically overnight, making this previously difficult task nearly impossible. Covid-19 has presented companies with completely new challenges and changed the expectations of their customers completely.

Recent examples of behavioural changes since COVID-19

  • Buying behaviour: General online sales between February and March 2020 saw a 113% month-on-month increase. (Source: Attentive)
  • Work behaviour: 66% of professionals work mostly or only online, with 28% working fully online. (Source: JHU and KDNuggets)
  • Internet behaviour: 23% worldwide report spending significantly more time on social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). (Source: GWI)
  • Device behaviour: 22% globally report significant increase in tablet usage, and 11% more using a smart speaker. (Source: GWI)

The winning team: now, next, and beyond

The ability to pivot depends heavily on your resources at hand--which absolutely includes your people. Bringing a new product or service to your customers fast and making a real impact can require a variety of talent, but there are a few key players that are always needed.

If your digital roadmap has changed and you need to adapt fast to the new normal, you have to make sure you have these experts on your team. These profiles allow you to keep amazing and growing your customer base as your business evolves.

In a post-Corona market, the demand for such experts is on the rise. Given the scarcity of these skills combined with the urgency for change, many leading companies are investing in hybrid teams: a blend of permanent employees and contractors to ensure all required skills are on board

(Want to know more about the benefits a of hybrid team model? Contact us and we'll chat! We're big believers in this model as driver for flexibility and fast action!)

Performance marketers ariad new normal

Performance Marketers

These professionals are key in getting your message to your customers, louder and faster than anyone else. Targeting a bigger crowd also gives you the opportunity to reach a bigger audience--the specialty of these experts. They also work to maximize a budget, making it go further and be more effective.
Project managers ariad new normal

Digital project managers

The nature of work in general is increasingly project based, but even more so when responding quickly to constantly-evolving consumer expectations. These experts are specialized in launching new products, services, or processes fast, while delivering a great result, on time and on (or even under) budget.
Communication specialists ariad new normal

Communication specialists

It's more important than ever to engage with your audience, so meet them where they are: online. Stay relevant with your messages, engage with real-time communication and educate your customers about how your business evolves. And how you communicate is just as important as the information itself: be catchy, sensitive, and smart with your messaging.

Find experts and reinforce skills you need in the new normal

You don't have to find these specialists alone. Ariad's experienced business managers, specialized recruiters, and network of experts are all dedicated to delivering amazing results, now.

Whether you quickly need a temporary solution or want to expand your team permanently, we have got you covered. Find out more about our flexible services and the solution that works for you!

We adapt the process as you need, working digitally to deliver top results fast.

Learn more about Ariad's specialized digital recruitment approach.

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