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Joining the team at Ariad

A look into your life and career as a recruitment consultant or business developer at Ariad

Kickoff your career with a journey of intense learning and hands-on experience with Ariad. Read about the details below!

Your Journey

At Ariad we are on a mission to bring together Europe’s finest digital talent. Together we develop successful teams that create digital customer experiences that people want, love and talk about.

The war for talent among companies striving to accelerate their digital transformation is fierce and the best digital talent is in extremely high demand. Many companies and recruiters find it difficult to assess the best candidates because of the technical knowledge required, or the unclear business objectives of the role.

Our network of digital experts and deep understanding of the digital niche allow us to find the missing pieces in this complex puzzle. At the heart of all this are our recruitment and sales team, based in Almería and Madrid.

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What do you need to succeed?

Whether you join us as a recruitment consultant or a junior business developer, there are some essential skills for both positions. Below you can see some of the traits of successful recruitment consultants & business developers at Ariad.

Starting your adventure & living in Spain

First challenge: getting settled in sunny Almería, the home of our head office in Spain--and maybe yours! We also are located in the busy center of Madrid. Finding lodging, administrative tasks... it might seem like a lot. The A-team is an international bunch, so don't stress; we have a lot experience in guiding people through this process smoothly.

You'll receive help with your trip, legal administration and anything else you need to get settled in Spain, no problemo.

Life at Ariad

Our mission is to bring together Europe’s finest digital talent. That implies that we are social beings, with a strong focus on people. Our international team consists of a vibrant group of enthusiastic and determined professionals.

Our team members spare no effort to achieve a positive outcome, always exploring new ways to face change and upcoming challenges. We are honest and direct in a considerate way. We're empathetic, and builders of strong relationships. This helps us to offer clear insights and workable solutions. We're wise enough to know which changes are needed and why, straightforward and confident enough to point out every obstacle on our way, and hands-on enough to make it work.

Regular team building events are held typically several times each year, usually close to one of our three offices in Brussels, Madrid and Almería. Since we work from different locations, with flexible schedules and remote working options, it is quite likely that you'll collaborate with teammates every day without ever being in the same room. We strive to work as efficiently as possible by applying an agile way of working.

As a team, we really value these team building events--not only for the cool activities, but to connect with our team in a different setting, and IRL when possible!

Between these events, our teams often organize other activities, like barbeques and tapas nights...muchos tapas nights. Each location has its own traditions and favorite activities.

Our values

What does it take to thrive at Ariad? Will you fit in? If you live up to these values, you'll click seamlessly into the A-team!

Send us a hello (and your CV) to get started!

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