How do we create a future-forward formula?

Automation, artificial intelligence, and other digital developments push the chemical industry to innovate and grow like never before. Plant operations, R&D, supply chain, marketing and more are all facing transformation--and the potential benefits and challenges that accompany great change. Breakthrough innovations are reshaping the industry completely, though the extent of their growth is often unpredictable. With which capabilities will you see real benefits in your business?

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Why speed will determine winners and losers of the digital economy

Digitalisation is creating an increasingly interconnected world whereby the obstacle of distance fades further into the past with every passing year.
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The Rise of Digital: China Heats Up Competition in Europe

The rise of China as an economic power is little secret, it has been the predominant story in geopolitics for the past decade. Through a formidable manufacturing base, the country set itself on a path to overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy.
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