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What is Ariad's specialized recruitment approach?

You don't have to find digital specialists alone. Ariad's experienced business managers, specialized recruiters, and network of experts are all dedicated to delivering amazing results, now.

We adapt the process as you need, working digitally to deliver top results fast.

1. Meet with Ariad

What: Your Ariad business manager meets with you to fully understand the role of the specialist that you need. We're ready to provide real market insight, including trends, current salary ranges, talent pool availability, and more.

We'll meet in person or digitally via video conference or phone.

2. Specialized search

What: Our experienced recruiters specialized in distinct digital niches start right away sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates to find the best fit person. Beyond understanding the technical requirements of a role, we have extensive specialist communities and understand their unique motivations.

How: We work fast, and 100% digitally.

3. Candidate presentation

What: You'll receive a curated selection of the 2 or 3 great candidate profiles within the agreed upon timeline. As we know the candidates well, we're happy to call or meet to further discuss these candidates.

How: We'll deliver digital documents, and stay in touch digitally or via phone.

4. Interviewing

What: You select the candidate or candidates you'd like to see, and we'll help you schedule an interview, either on-site or fully digital via video meeting. Your business manager will remain available to answer follow-up questions, share feedback, and give further insight or explanation if necessary.

How: Interviews can be on-site or fully digital via video meeting.

5. Contract proposal

What: When you're ready to offer the position to the candidate, we'll help communicate your proposal and facilitate efficient communication and negotiation.

How: This process is most efficient when employed digitally.

6. Get working!

Welcome the newest member of your team, ready to get to work! We'll help you get them started, be it on-site, semi- or fully-remote.

Your business manager remains your ongoing resource, for this or future hires!

Want to know more? Get in touch for a free consultation. Let's explore your needs, goals, and the best-fit model for fast, lasting solutions with big impact.