What does our hiring process look like?

Finding cash in your jacket pocket? Great surprise. Finding out there’s a two-year application process? Not so much. Call us crazy, but we only like great surprises. That’s why we are transparent in everything we do. Here’s what you can expect during our hiring process:

"I decided to work for Ariad because the project and clients
that they work with seemed very interesting. I have not yet had a single
period where I was placed ‘on the bench’."

— Katie, Service Designer from Hello Bank

At Ariad, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We always want to ensure that your contract fits around any existing commitments you have. Freelancer, employee, or somewhere in between, we'll make it work. We understand how essential a flexible approach to professional life can be. We're happy to talk about any questions that come up, before, during, or after the hiring process.