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Performance Marketeer

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  • Digital Marketing
  • Freelance

Our client are looking for an experienced Freelance Performance Marketer to join their expanding team. They offer a fun, collegial environment with a challenging job and room for growth.

  • An excellent knowledge of digital marketing channels (AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Affiliate marketing, email marketing, …).
  • Experience with Google Analytics, Dashboarding tools, SEO and SEA but also flexible to learn new systems.
  • Meticulous and quality oriented, analytical / logical mind.
  • A team spirit and good communication skills.
  • Ability to combine a strategic mind with a hands-on attitude.
  • Skills to have a good relationship with our internal stakeholders.
  • Working independently, according to a plan and structure, and focused on results (quality, timing, budget) is natural for you.
  • Languages: Dutch, English (French)


  1. Strategy

Translating business needs into digital marketing strategies and identify the audience persona's and customer journey Project management skills


  • Creating a SEO audit of our website today

  • Optimizing our E-mail marketing flow

  • Defining optimal awareness-retargeting-conversion budget for Paid campaigns

  • Searching the best social listening solution

    2 - Online visibility

Defining and creating the media plan for paid-media campaigns, proposing the right channels (social media, SEA, email marketing etc.) to reach people and the KPI's that matters depending on the campaign targets


  • Frequent follow-up of our organic search rankings (+ competitors if possible)

  • Updating Paid Campaigns planning with product marketing agenda

  • Management of content, text and budget for campaigns (email, paid campaigns)

  • Optimizing our touchpoints (website, external platforms, social media, email-marketing)

  • Adding events and goals on our product/event pages to track the conversions

  • Exporting leads and automatization from our data captation touchpoints
  • Reporting

Starting campaigns and doing the follow up, and frequently report back to Marketing.


  • Analytics of old and new campaigns (for example: LB14 launch – how many downloads/week)

  • Weekly reporting of our growth on all channels (organic, paid, social, referral)

  • Insights about the organic and paid visitors/conversions

  • Tracking of our different touchpoints (newsletters openrate, conversions, retargeting, webinars)

  • Proposing free or paid solutions for a lookback Window & for the follow-up of Attributions models

  • Benchmark with competitors (if possible via paid or free tools)

  • Budget reporting of our paid campaigns and conclusions for next steps

  • Monitoring of our translations on the site, checking the impact on volume the foreign visitors

  • Management of content, text and budget for campaigns (email, paid campaigns)

  • Tracking the scoring of our important CRM contacts via ClickDimensions