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Digital Content Strategist

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  • Digital Marketing

What type of breed are we looking for?

Creative from nose to tail? A strategic sense of how content should be used? Born with a pen and a writing pad in your hand? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you to drive the growth of our client!

We are looking for a strategist that knows how to think in a pet parents’ customer journey and has explored the wonderful world of marketing automation already.

A content creator that agrees that a tone of voice needs to be joyful, to the point and activating. A storyteller like Jon Favreau* that can touch readers’ hearts with only a short paragraph and makes them go cray cray for our products. And most of all, someone who thinks she/he can rewrite this text 10 times better.

What will be in your bowl?

You’ll probably know better what the job is all about than we do, but at least this is how we see it from our side:

  • Defining our email strategy and grow our e-commerce sales.
  • Working together with the team on email campaigns. Think of our customers’ journey, which info they need and how we can delight them.
  • Write content for these mailing flows and implement them in our marketing automation tool together with the team.
  • We’re a small content team, with the world to discover. You might also work on other content projects on different channels.
  • We’re a start-up, you’re a digital content strategist - live is full of surprises, so you might throw in some other creative and fun stuff to do.

Skills & tricks

  • You master the skill of email marketing thanks to your minimum 3 year experience.
  • A commercial mindset is needed and you should be able to think in terms of the customer journey.
  • A natural flair in writing
  • You love working together
  • We’re an international company, you need to be great with English and be able to write a decent sentence in French/Dutch.
  • Be cool, but also be warm