12 June 2017

Will robots take over all our jobs?

In an article of the World Economic Forum I recently read:

“The difference is that the pace and scale of change is likely to be highly disruptive and so the growing anxiety cannot be wished away. Musical innovation did not create fully mechanized orchestras but fully robotized factories will be a common industrial sight in the near future,”


Robots are no different than prior technologies in that they are a resource that enriches those who control it. The issue is, therefore, one of distribution, not automation, he explained. “Robots will never be our masters, but those who own them will be.”

Mastering change and technology are crucial points for the future. I liked the example of the music industry being fully mechanised in the future but that the orchestra itself won´t be. It shows that there are areas AI won´t be able to replace.

However, it is important for organisations to have the right digital minded people. A digital team will infuse the innovative culture throughout the entire company. Through awareness and empowering examples, it is possible to drive a powerful transformation.