13 June 2022

Why big companies prefer to hire consultants for digital transformation

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The Belgian economy can in many ways be seen as sign of what is to come in the future. Companies operating in the country have increasingly adopted more agile working practices as they seek to bring in the best possible talent to work on their projects. A key element in this change has been the increased use of contractors, freelancers or consultants, which has taken on a more important role with each passing year.

Why do Europe’s leading brands have a growing need for the expertise of a consultant?

1. Avoid group think

Group think is a fear that plagues companies all over the globe, especially the most established brands that have taken generations to carve out their position as industry leaders. Companies can become so ingrained in their own processes and culture that they become less innovative as they are unable to tackle unexpected problems that originate from outside of their area of expertise.

A consultant can help to avoid this threat as it is a way of injecting new blood and fresh thought into the DNA of a company, helping it to better evolve to threats that it may face. The pace of digitalisation has made modern management terrified of suffering the so-called Blockbuster fate whereby a company is put out of business due to the fact that it failed to adapt itself to a period of disruption within the market.

More than ever, companies are investing their resources into creating future-proof business models. For banks, this may mean developing apps with excellent UX that can stave off the march of fintech startups. Alternatively for an online retailer, it could simply mean adding a greater level of personalisation in their communications with customers to foster a greater sense of brand loyalty.

Our clients are eager to maintain their prestigious position at the head of the pack and it is for this reason that they choose to invest in digital talent. Evolution is key to survival. Innovation is essential to market dominance.

2. Critical thinking and clear minds

Further to this, our consultants are able to look at a company and its situation without having the emotional ties that can often stand in the way of progress. An expert outsider that is able to take a clear view with regards to what is working and what isn’t within an organisation is a key asset.

It is often very difficult to turn away from a project that is not getting results due to the amount of effort that has already been put into it. It is for this reason that many companies can often spend far too long in pursuing tactics that may not be in their best interest. A consultant can help to alert a company through their fresh pair of eyes as to what the best course of action may be in order to reach a certain goal. This in turn creates a more efficient use of the companies resources as they become more aware of the need to prioritise moving forward.

As speed increasingly dictates the winners and losers of the digital economy, ensuring that you’re pursuing the right strategy has become essential. This is why critical thinking paired with the experience of consultants can give companies a clear advantage from the beginning.

3. Saving money in the long term

One of the greatest battles that has been faced over the past decade by digital experts has been the way in which their skills may benefit a company and help it to make more money.

How do you prove that better UX design or a more intelligent use of CRM can bring in a new revenue stream to a business? In short, you can’t. However, the argument that seems to have won out is the idea that investing in digital is the best way to ensure that a company becomes more efficient and can save a vast amount of money in the long term.

Estimates have shown that over $1.4 trillion is lost from the economy each year to bad UX alone. Companies have accepted that sometimes the easiest way to build a better business is by streamlining the assets of the existing model which is where investing in digital talent becomes so crucial.

A digital expert has the skill to save a business a vast sum of money through their professional knowledge which means that an extremely good return on investment is offered in the longterm. A consultant that is able to come in and help to streamline the digital competencies of a business is an extremely valuable asset to a company, which is why we continue to see a rising demand for our consultants here at Ariad.

Working together to reach the next level

We understand that as industry leaders, our clients are aiming to undertake hugely ambitious projects that will help to elevate their business and digital capabilities to a new level. Pulling off such grand plans can often appear to be a daunting task: this is where our consultants come in, helping them to realise their ambitions, whilst adapting their economy to meet the challenges.

Success for us is measured by finding the best possible match between a client and the consultant to ensure that all parties are satisfied. Since our inception, we have helped to build and develop some of the strongest digital marketing teams in Belgium which is a source of great pride for us.

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