27 March 2018

Why are Europe´s Biggest Companies Demanding Sales Funnel Optimisation Expertise?

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  • Why are Europe´s Biggest Companies Demanding Sales Funnel Optimisation Expertise?

What is the ultimate aim of all forms of marketing?

It sounds like an incredibly stupid question but ultimately is what all marketers should reflect on when they get into the all-absorbing creative side of a project.

We all strive for different metrics, but when you boil it down it down, marketing is a matter of pulling potential customers into that sales funnel and ensuring that they convert.

It is pointless having the best quality content, most active social media channel or a stunning website if none it is helping you to bring in customers.

We must therefore ask ourselves why we take the actions that we do and how we can make adjustments to ensure we are getting the best possible return for the time and money spent on different tactics.

It is important to take a holistic view of the customer journey in order to find out the stages where you engage most with a potential buyer and also where you potentially lose one that could be on the cusp of making a purchase decision.

This is where sales funnel optimisation experts come in. It is the ability to be highly perceptive and streamline the sales funnel of a company to ensure that all marketing capabilities are working together in the most efficient way that has become a highly valued skill in the digital economy.

Marketing is like dating and Sales Funnel Experts can be the perfect matchmakers

There is often a misunderstanding amongst companies that putting a good product or service out there will result in sales and converting customers. Building a relationship with a potential customer is the same as a romantic relationship, it takes time before you get any kind of commitment. In both love and marketing, you win some over by building up trust rather than taking a one-eyed approach.

A Sales Funnel Optimisation Expert is able to streamline this process to ensure that all elements come together which allows trust to be established whether it is on a B2C or B2B level. Analysing data across different marketing channels can help a company to get a far better grasp of how successful their marketing efforts are and which measures need to be taken, whether there is adapting their pitch or simply investing more in brand awareness.

For many companies of vastly different sizes, marketing budgets can often be tight which is why it is important to know where to best allocate resources rather than searching around blindly in the dark. Sales funnel optimisation experts help to shine a light on how to build greater trust with potential customers, ultimately turning passive interest into a concrete sale.

Who do you need to strengthen your marketing efforts?

Such information is also crucial in dictating the hiring needs of a company. Are there areas where the sales funnel is looking particularly weak.

Being able to see at which part of the funnel a customer is lost allows a company to strengthen in relevant areas. Having good insights helps to identify the talent that is needed to improve the online sales pitch of a company whether those needs revolve around content creation, email marketing or improved UX design.

Sometimes we look at marketing disciplines in isolation, failing to realise that failure in one area can have a knock on throughout the whole department (bad content naturally undermines great UX etc), therefore creating a weaker pitch to a potential customer. Identifying the areas of weakness within a marketing strategy can lead to smarter hiring decisions that yield better results in the longterm.

The online world is becoming more competitive everyday

As marketers, we fell in love with the internet because it felt like a world of limitless possibilities where the little guys could compete with transnational corporations on a even footing. It was a romantic notion of a meritocracy where the best content and overall experience would take us all the way to the top. In many ways, those things are more important than they were all those years ago. However, what has become abundantly clear is the fact that as companies or individuals, we are having to fight increasingly hard for every website visitor and therefore for every lead.

Every passing day, more competitors are entering the market and existing competitors are honing their online capabilities, investing in new tools and talent. Standing still is simply not an option for companies that wish to compete in the digital economy.

When a marketing department works so hard to pull people into the sales funnel, we want to be sure that a high percentage of them will convert. Sales funnel optimisation experts can be lifesavers in this regard, helping to ensure a high conversion rate and therefore the best return on investment.

As competitors come flooding into a market, efficiency becomes a priority which is why optimisation of marketing strategy is key. Europe’s market leaders have come to the realisation that the online world will be determined by ironing out kinks in their online capabilities.

Tech giants have risen to the top by perfecting the sales funnel and never resting on their laurels. They continue to look for ways to improve by adjusting even the most minute details. More traditional companies must keep pace with these innovators and investing in optimisation experts can be the perfect way to level up the capabilities of a marketing team, taking it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.