27 April 2017

UX for your digital transformation?

“If you’re new to the concept of UX though, do ensure you get help, don’t go it alone! Designing for great user experiences requires deep knowledge and very specific set of skills that aren’t easy to pick up quickly, a good UX’er is empathetic, experienced, curious and has a good grip of psychology. Whether you choose to hire an in house UX’er or partner up with an independent expert, ensure you don’t rush the process and that they possess the skills needed and a drive to really make a difference.” Quote from “UX: Invest or Get Left Behind”

I just found this interesting article about the importance of UX in keeping up with the digital transformation. Sure, more and more companies are hiring UX Designers, Information Architects or UX Analysts, but still, there are many companies that stay behind in adopting new technologies. Nevertheless, investing in user experience, for example, can benefit your business because it is a great brand differentiator. Implementing a good UX can distinguish your product from your competitor’s and boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

And the one big point that will be interesting for every company: “Every dollar invested in UX generates around $100 dollars return” (indicates a study by IBM). Knowing that fact and the fact that “95% of users think that good UX pays off” (a study by Econsultancy) it surprises me that so many companies still don’t embrace digital thinking and a good UX. Luckily, it is never too late to start with your company’s digital transformation! Do you want to check out how digital your company is? Go to our checklist and in less than three minutes you’ll know if your company is ready to become a leader in digital.

Better late than never!