13 October 2020

The Digital Talent Journey Begins

Last month we proudly announced the newest additions to our ever-growing A-team when Fleur van den Bogaert and Joren Nevens embarked on their 2-year Digital Talent Consultant journey. They'll get to know Ariad’s main business areas inside and out: sales, recruitment and marketing. Today we learn more about their personal background, challenges, expectations and what brought them to the first stop of their Ariad journey: the sunny office in Almería.

First, why don't you introduce yourselves?

Joren: Born and raised in Belgium’s most charming, student-filled city Leuven (which also happens to be home to the world’s best beer: Stella Artois), I decided to broaden my horizons a bit by first studying Business Economics in Brussels, and later spending a semester abroad in Nice, where I got a first glimpse of how good life can be under the blue skies of the Mediterranean sea. Afterwards I worked for two years as a doctoral researcher for my hometown university KU Leuven, before realizing that I wanted to do something more hands-on with my life!

Fleur: My name is Fleur, I'm an energetic optimist with a love for human behaviour and a tendency to convert every activity into a performance. A proud Dutchie with a hunger for adventure and challenges. After graduating as an applied psychologist, I decided to combine my people skills with business, while pursuing a master's degree in Human Resource Management in the beautiful capital of Spain, Madrid. I have had an immense love for Spain since I was little, so after a few months in Vic during my Erasmus in 2017, it became clear: I wanted to continue my life in Spain!

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Why did you choose to take on Ariad’s talent journey?

Joren: Originally I was on the lookout for a job in digital marketing before I stumbled upon Ariad’s Digital Talent Consultant journey. However I was immediately intrigued by the program as I would be able to learn so much in three entirely different business areas. Moreover, the concept of spending a year in Almería, one of the sunniest cities in Europe, before continuing my journey in a metropolis like Madrid really spoke to me. But most of all, the idea of connecting people with companies and having a real impact on their lives is what made me want to join Ariad’s mission.

Fleur: After finishing my master's in the middle of a pandemic, it was (surprise!) hard to find a job. I was looking for a work environment where I would get the chance to develop myself further as a professional, as a person and to discover my likes, dislikes and maybe some secret talents. After a little while, Ariad came to the rescue. The vacancy for Digital Talent Consultant, the talent journey, grabbed my attention and I decided to apply for this opportunity. It sounded like the perfect chance to use my knowledge and skills that I already gained during the past few years, plus the chance to dive into the world of digital, which had lots of secrets for me. The fact that I would be located in Spain was, of course, a nice perk.

"It's super interesting to be able to discover every corner of a company that is specialised in building digital teams within A-brands. The talent pool they have created over the years is impressive."

Fleur van den Bogaert

So after one month, what were your first impressions?

Joren: The least you can say is that we have not been idle during this first month! Thanks to Ariad’s agile way of working, we've been able get a taste of the recruitment, sales and marketing side of business, helping out the team wherever necessary while following in-depth onboarding training with several of Ariad’s experts. Personally, I'm really impressed by how supportive everyone is and how much effort the team puts into tailoring the talent journey to our needs and interests. In general it has been a very instructive experience and for me it’s really inspiring to see how recruitment, sales and marketing work together to create the best solutions for all.

Fleur: One month already, time flies! And man, an adventure it already has been so far. The first weeks have been intensive, with all the new information and new faces. Also, it is actually quite impressive to see how effectively the different departments within one company lean on each other and how they collaborate together. I am ready to learn and I am super excited to be part of this warm bath of a team.

Where do you see yourself in two years when this talent journey ends?

Joren: After the six-month exploration phase of our talent journey, in which we take on a broad scope of responsibilities within Ariad, we'll get the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in one of the three main business areas. After two years I would be very proud if I could consider myself an expert in my business area, whichever this might turn out to be.

Fleur: In two years I see myself doing what I love and what I am good at. By that time, I have discovered some new gustoes and have gotten the chance to explore them a little more. Since the team listens incredibly well to you, your feedback and your feelings and wishes, I will still feel completely at home within the A-team. The rest, I will give you an update in two years…

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