30 March 2020

Putting health, safety and people first during the COVID-19 crisis

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We're here and working as a team to provide the services you need now, now. This is how Ariad is putting health, safety, and people first during the COVID-19 crisis.

We’re used to change at Ariad. It’s a common factor in what gets us all out of bed in the morning. We’re energized by the new developments that digital brings, be it new technologies, applications, or ways to amazing people with new experiences. Our mission has been to bring together the talented people who embrace these new developments with the best opportunities to create real, impactful results for business, customers, and people throughout Europe.

We’re also committed to calling out the elephant in the room. Today, that elephant is being talked about everywhere: the overwhelming effect of COVID-19 on our activities, businesses, economy, and lives. This change and this uncertainty are not what we’re used to. But we’re facing it the way we face all change: with teamwork, determination, optimism, flexibility, and an open, solution-seeking mindset.

As a company, we vow to do our best every day--adapting and updating what that means as needed. Supporting the efforts taken by the local authorities to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19 is our current priority, along with our promise to keep putting people first.

For Ariad, that means:

Taking care of our people

First and foremost, we want to ensure the health and safety of our team. We’re lucky that as a partially remote team, the move to work fully remotely for the time being was an easy transition. We have the tools, habits, and mindset in place already to reschedule all meetings as video conferences, stay up-to-date with communication through digital channels, and support each other and spend time together as we would normally--if not more.

We also feel that it’s important to recognize that people need different kinds of support in this current situation, and those needs can change rapidly. It’s truly beautiful to see how the team has stepped up: sharing their workload, sharing a virtual beer together, sharing their anxieties and helping each other navigate this time. Never has the DNA of the A-team shown itself more.

Continuing to provide exceptional service to our customers

Objectives, targets, and projects set just weeks ago may no longer make sense, and it’s hard to see the path ahead. We understand this, and commit to the same dedicated service we always have: be the team our customers count on to help them define and deliver amazing digital customer experiences fast. As new needs arise, processes evolve and realities change we will continue to work and communicate closely, share our insights, and bring the right people together who will deliver results fast.

We will also continue to support our community of expert digital consultants. We remain in close contact to help them with any questions they have, guiding them through this time as needed, as well as assuring that policies and guidelines issued by our customers are strictly followed.

We encourage our customers and consultants to reach out with any needs or questions they have at any time. All of our staff remains available via phone, email, or video conference. While the concept of business as usual is up in the air, our commitment to being your partner through the maze of change still stands firmly.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected.

The Ariad team​