22 May 2017

How to grow your business faster (and technology is not the answer).

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  • How to grow your business faster (and technology is not the answer).

Digital brings speed. It’s a fast moving ecosystem where technology, behaviours, and priorities are in constant evolution. Digital brings new ways of thinking and working. Its disruption infuses every level of the company. Digital is happening now. It must be a high priority at all costs.

The new turn we see happening recently is that the real transformation is not about technology anymore, it’s about people. A human-centric approach to your digital transformation will bring sustainable change to your organisation.

Danny Iny is the founder and CEO of Mirasee, host of the Business Reimagined podcast, and best-selling author of multiple books. His approach is human-centric. Read for instance his article on how to align what you have with what people want. Another interesting approach – or hack as he calls it – is about people as communities:

“If you want to level up your success and impact, you need a hack. And that hack is community. Instead of trying to change your behavior and narrative by sheer force of will, surround yourself with people who act and think the way you want to, where the base expectation of you will be higher. That way, you have the wind against your back rather than flying in your face. Surrounded by the right community, you can improve your strategy, execution, and mindset fast.”

Of course there is no cookie-cutter approach for a successful business growth in this digital era, but there are two main conditions to it: people and speed. If you can master both, you will succeed.