10 April 2018

Do you want to become a digital consultant? Consider this first:

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There are a host of questions that you should ask yourself when making the decision about whether to switch to consultancy. If you are able to answer these confidently with a clear and positive vision then it is highly likely that you’re ready to take this next step in your career.

Here we will summarise the aspects that we think are essential to the profile of a good consultant, to help you decide if such a change could be the best fit of you.

What are the challenges that you will face?

A consultant has to be prepared to tackle a range of issues when coming into a company. The main challenge here is striking the balance between integrating within a new team (and understanding their objectives) whilst at the same time maintaining the neutrality of an outsider that can help to provide a fresh vision, identifying previously undiscovered problems.

It is this air of critical thinking that allows our consultants to get to the core of the challenges that are facing our clients.

Ariad consultants face a wide range of challenges when applying their skills as different companies adopt unique tactics to engage with their audience. It is for this reason that adaptability is key as we search for people that are able to use their skillset in a variety of different industries, from banking to the automotive industry. We look for consultants that are able to thrive out of their comfort zone and who are ready to get to grips with the plethora of challenges faced by our clients.

What are the problems that can be solved?

Do you see yourself as more of a digital marketing allrounder or do you specialise in a very particular area. Are there programmes in which your knowledge is unrivalled and others where you have more to learn?

Tailoring your CV and LinkedIn to the problems that you’re able to solve is essential. Our clients each have very different needs and competencies which is why we require consultants from a host of disciplines who specialise in all different areas. More advanced digital teams at large financial institutions may require an expert in in a very specific CRM program. Whereas a company that is closer to the beginning of the digital transformation process will be more likely to go for a marketing all rounder that can fit the bill for many different roles.

Defining the problems that you are able to solve is a key part of helping to match you with with the needs of our clients as well as opening yourself up to a greater range of professional opportunities on the market.

Digital is evolving fast which is why companies are opting for consultants that can quickly get to the heart of a problem. Clearly specifying the problems you can solve is essential to getting attention in a rapidly moving jobs market.

Ask yourself the right questions

Honest self-assessment is awkward but it is essential that professionals ask themselves on a regular basis what their strengths and weaknesses are. This helps to give a true picture of how an individual’s skillset can benefit a company.

Asking yourself what your strongest skills are and in which areas you would like to improve is the best way in which we can help to create a possible fit with one of our clients.

Such assessment is equally important for both hard and soft skills. Asking yourself what you look for in a placement as well as what type of company ethos suits you more is essential for us so that we can find a good match and ensure that you are able to seamlessly slot into the company culture.

Are you a better in a more traditional corporate setup or a more relaxed atmosphere?

Are there certain industries that appeal to you more than others?

How many days a week are you looking to work?

Is home working important for you?

Which extra-legal benefits appeal to you most?

Our community managers will help to ensure that you find placements that meet your expectations, striking the perfect match between you and our clients’ needs.

Check out some of the journeys that our consultant have been on to see if it is a path that could suit you

To learn more about becoming a digital consultant with Ariad, check out our ebook and learn how to take the leap!