13 December 2021

Agile minded: resource roundup on agile and Scrum

Excited about all-things-agile? Hungry for more? There is a sea of materials available to build or sharpen your agile and Scrum knowledge. Here are some of our top picks to get you started.

This roundup of great resources about agile principles and frameworks, project management, and Scrum methodology will help answer your questions and pique your curiosity. Pick your medium and find a topic below! (Know of something awesome missing from this list? Let us know!)

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Agile Resources: Official documents

A great place to start is where it all started. Agile was officially born with the Agile Manifesto, so being familiar with this material gives a solid base for agile growth. Scrum founders Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland also published an official document, the Scrum Guide.

Agile Resources: Books

Some of the best learning materials for Agile and Scrum are books by some of the important speakers of the movements. The list of great books is quite long, so we’ve narrowed it down to a few standouts.

Books about Agile

Books about Scrum

Agile Resources: Podcasts

Podcasts: we all know and love them. Or if you don’t love them yet, you will now. Check out this great sampling of interesting podcasts focused on Agile or Scrum to make sure you have a thought-provoking commute.

Podcasts about Agile

Podcasts about Scrum

Agile Resources: Webinars and Courses

Maybe you have had some training, or are already a certified Scrum Master. Maybe you are thinking about getting certified. Maybe you’re just curious to learn more, in smaller doses. These online courses, webinars, or video series are just the thing to enrich your agile knowledge.

Webinars and Courses about Agile

Webinars and Courses about Scrum

Agile Resources: Groups and Forums

Whether you’re just getting started, tackling new complicated projects, or are just looking to help out someone greener, community is king. These are some agile and scrum groups and forums to get your questions answered.

Groups and Forums about Agile

  • Agile Alliance is a non-profit dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile Software Development as outlined in the Agile Manifesto (they also have a great resource section!)
  • Stack Overflow has an extensive forum/Q&A section (use the filter) which is especially helpful for implementation and execution questions
  • Age of Product’s Agile Slack community is called “Hands-on Agile”

Groups and Forums about Scrum

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