28 October 2021

All about Agile and Scrum

With agile, there are many camps. Either you’ve heard talk about the great results the frameworks can bring and are considering adopting the practices, or you’re already sick of hearing about agile. Maybe you’ve seen attempts at agile break down, maybe you’ve even been on one of those teams. Maybe you’re part of a collaborative, productive agile team! That doesn’t mean you don’t still have questions.

When it comes to effective project management, agile theory, and agile frameworks like Scrum, there’s a lot to learn. So let’s get started. This series can help answer all your questions, such as:

What is project management?
What are the agile principles?
Is agile always right for your project?
What are popular agile project management types?
What are the popular jobs in Scrum?
What are the important practices within Scrum?
What are the ways that agile can fail?
How can you start making the change to agile practices?
How can the HR department make or break your agile strategy?

Read on to learn about these topics, and the benefits your organization can see when becoming more agile.
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