Yael Busschers

Digital Talent Consultant

After working in several fields and in different industries, from aviation to sales,

I was ready to 'fly' towards Ariad. Being part of a team that has a shared passion and common goal makes it feel like coming home, even if home is in The Netherlands. Working for Ariad has shown me how important good colleagues are, and that is just what we could do for you as a company, finding your new perfect colleague.

I am passionate about working with and for people, and who knows in the future with you!

Traveling is still a passion of mine, discovering new destinations, new cultures, new people, which made me realise, everyone is different but in the end we are all the same.

My destination has been Madrid since 2019, my 2nd home. They say 'De Madrid al cielo' which means from Madrid to heaven, and I couldn't agree more! It's the only place to live in that is better is heaven.

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