Wim Cardinaels

Sales Director

Since the start of Ariad I have been following the company closely. My interest in the company and the people has been growing ever since, and the choice was clear to join the Ariad team. What ultimately made me decide that I really wanted to become part of this success story and take on the challenge, is the perfect match of a truly human-centric approach in the very exciting world of digitalization, transformation and change.

My role of Sales Director consists of continuing our high growth pace by:

•strengthening our customer base through creating even closer customer intimacy and even better understanding of our clients’ needs

•expanding our customer base to eventually become the trusted partner of choice and the leading company in digital consultancy and staffing in Europe.

I have a strong passion to get the most out of people and lift a team to a next level by inspiring, motivating, leading and coaching. Most of my scarce free time goes to my 2 beloved sons and if I really want to free my mind with me-time you can catch me running, mountain biking, skiing, playing strategic board games with friends.

Some words that suit my personality: open minded, goal-oriented, inspiring, human-centric, pragmatic, motivator, customer-oriented, stamina, creative thinker…

Already rolled up my sleeves to get things done, talk to you soon!