Nele Vanhecke

Sales and Marketing Director

Hello! I'm thrilled to lead the Sales and Marketing team at Ariad. With over 22 years in sales and marketing, I've worked in various roles, from small startups to multinationals.

Since 2012, I've been deeply involved in digital marketing. This journey has helped me build a strong network and a good sense for effective advice and strategies. I'm dedicated to helping companies grow their customer experience teams, ensuring they thrive.

The company's goals align perfectly with my aims in my career: I'm passionate about making a positive impact, both for the company and the experts I work with. I take pride in guiding their growth and helping them achieve their 'digital customer experience' goals.

As a manager, I find great energy in coaching the team on their sales journey. Witnessing their progress fuels my own enthusiasm and reinforces our collective success.
Together, let's shape a bright today and an even better tomorrow.