Laura van der Linden Martínez

Digital Talent Consultant

Being half Dutch and half Spanish is probably the best way to define me. Raised in The Netherlands, in Amsterdam to be precise, I moved to Madrid in 2020 for personal reasons.

My former employer, the Dutch embassy in Madrid, offered me a position at the economic and agricultural department of the embassy to actively strengthen the bilateral Dutch-Spanish economic relations. There I worked with Dutch companies with ambition to enter and grow in the Spanish market. After two years I decided to follow my headhunting/HR ambitions. I realized that my natural curiosity for people, their background, their ambitions and future endeavors were impossible to ignore. After working in the executive search business in Amsterdam, I already touched upon this field in a professional way.

Now, at Ariad I love that I can take that experience to another level, helping Ariad to expand the business to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialty. I get to combine my passion for people and their stories with my corporate experience on a journey towards the future.