Francisca Lao Nieto

Admin Officer

I was born and raised in Barcelona and moved to Andalucia when I was a teen, immediately falling in love with the culture, the weather, and the friendly, joyful people.

After I finished my B.A in Tourism, specializing in Finance, Administration and Arts, I started a career in the film industry working for a European/Canadian production company, which led me to grow a big connection with Canada, where I found my second home, started a family, and became a citizen in 2011.

I've worked in many different industries and international companies, with a focus on production, administrative & bilingual roles including: The Discovery Channel, The Spanish Consulate, International Banking and later with the City of Toronto at the Shelter Support & Housing Administration Division.

When the pandemic hit, it changed the world, and almost everyone’s lives and perspective. 2020 was a year full of unexpected changes, which led me & my young daughter to start a new chapter back in Spain. I’m grateful to be in sunny Almeria and to now be part of an amazingly diverse and dynamic team of professionals at Ariad.