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Case Study: Tourism Board - Region of Murcia

The Tourism Board – Region of Murcia is a public institution promoting the province of Murcia, a mid-sized autonomous community in the southeast corner of Spain. Murcia is home to 1.4 million and receives over 5.5 million tourists each year. The Tourism Board’s objective is to attract more tourists to visit the area. They work closely with hotels, restaurants, tourism offices and other touristic organizations in Murcia to unify their marketing efforts and create a strong, coherent brand image for the region.

The case of optimizing digital experience by the Tourism Board- Region of Murcia

The tourism board is a traditional public institution that has always had a strong focus on conventional marketing activities like fairs, catalogues and print media. However, in recent years there has been a migration to digital channels, as they are aware that consumers are searching for information online and expect good digital customer experience. The tourism board is in the middle of a digital transformation, and needs to look into new ways of promoting the area. As changes happen fast, and the team is also still working on traditional marketing activities that require a lot of their time, it is not always possible for the tourism board to create amazing digital customer experience inhouse. However, the tourism board of the region Murcia has pivoted to investing 60% of their marketing budget into digital channels, with a prediction to increase, so they see the necessity to work with digital experts and create valuable digital experiences.

The tourism board often works with agencies to run their campaigns in different European markets like the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, France and Italy, and they also run campaigns with their online travel agencies or tour operators. On a mission to improve the user experience (UX) of their website, further develop their application, and run online campaigns, the region of Murcia started looking for experts and consultants who could support them in these projects.

How we succeeded together

During their search, the Tourism Board - Region of Murcia learned about Ariad. They were looking for a flexible, short-term and more reasonably priced staffing solution compared to working with a marketing agency, but they also needed consultancy to advise them on various aspects of their projects. At that time, they needed a partner to work with them on several micro-projects to improve, e.g. the usability of their website and the usage of their mobile application. Our recruitment consultant Javier Cuadra worked closely with the tourism board to understand their needs. He assigned our best matching consultant to their project to take on their website relaunch, and advise on further steps to make an impactful change in digital. This advice provided great value for the tourism board, especially for the improvement of the usability and the content. Thanks to our consultancy, the tourism board was able to determine a strategic plan, and begin implementing it. The initial result was a significant boost several important metrics of their website, like bounce rate, time on the page and page views. These metrics were determined important for many reasons, including proven increased audience reach, and higher interest and engagement of users on the website.

Therefore, they were very confident in proceeding with our collaboration, and continuing to work with our consultants on new projects. Currently, they are working on graphic designs for digital channels.

Ariad was able to build a partnership with the Tourism Board - Region of Murcia by putting the organization in the focus and being proactive at every step of the project, providing insight, helping shape strategy, and implementing successful solutions.

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