Case studies

Case Study: A Leading Service Organization

In the need of improving their digital team, they started a collaboration with our consultancy team.

Understanding Customer´s needs to succeed

Our Head of Consultancy had several meetings with the client to fully understand the changes they wanted to make and to discover the positions that had to be filled to achieve a transformation.

Before getting into the search of the right personnel, we started defining their digital strategy together and derived the organisation design from it, to see what expertise, roles and people were needed to fulfil the change they wanted.

How we succeeded together

As specialists in digital we contributed our expertise and assigned our recruitment consultant Javier, who concentrates on UX, to find the perfect matching candidate for our client.

Javier is constantly working on building up a community of qualified and talented UX experts, so he was able to present a shortlist of experts who all fulfilled the requirements of the position in no time. Of the several candidates he presented 70% were invited for an interview and finally our client chose Thierry Croix, one of our talented UX consultants, that Javier proposed. Thierry was working on the short and long-term roadmap and was also involved in building the strategy, what made the company special for him as a consultant and they were working with enthusiasm with our consultants who made a change.

"I was looking for a new mission as UX designer. Javier took contact with me and really took the time to understand my profile and my needs. In the end, he found the perfect mission for me. He also worked on a long-term relationship even with me as a freelance.
On that mission I am working on the short-term and long-term roadmap. The short term roadmap allows us to focus on the product. But the long term roadmap gives us a clear view on the future. It’s important for us if we want to offer a product that is future proof. And we are involved in the strategy too. This is one of the reasons this client is special for me. He really understands the impact of our job."

Thierry Croix, UX and Visual Stormtrooper

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