11 October 2017

Better doing it the hard way or the smart way?

"Why are not more people talking about how to work hard at working smart?"

Maybe because it is easier to busy ourselves with activity then it is to figure out a smarter way to accomplish the activity?" (Salespeople - Here are 3 Ways Hard Work DOES NOT Scale)

I came across this rather old article from 2015 about the difference between hard work and smart work. We have heard this a hundred times now: hard work is something a lot of people do, but working smart is a differentiator. It helps the hard workers to become successful.

Most articles state that working smart isn´t something you can learn but rather part of a person´s character and smart thinkers do it intuitively. However, there are ways to learn how to work smarter, like using good tools, constantly training your creativity, staying curious and working agile.

Being agile is probably the most crucial part of working smart. It means adapting quickly to new requirements or feedback and accepting things as they are… You liked the first version of your product but customers asked for different things? Well, be agile, adapt quickly and get over it.

In times where we need quick results, I am wondering why don’t more people try to adopt smart working habits.

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