What are we made of?

We are mainly made of water, just like you. We also hold a substantial amount of common sense. And we have two hands that know exactly how our in-depth expertise is translated into practice. What else can you find in our DNA?

Meet the A-team
Ariad recruiters for e-commerce experts

We are transparent

In every sense (except literally). Everybody claims transparency, we know. But with us, you will notice. Because we don't just work for you, we jump in and work with you, always clear about what you can expect from us. No elephants allowed in the room.
Ariad team members with laptops working mobile

We get personal

We are real people with real lives, we don't live inside a Powerpoint deck. You can talk to us about anything, and we are always accessible throughout the process. Our consultants are backed up by a great team of colleagues who love sharing their knowledge and experience.

We know
what we are doing

Unless you want us to bake a soufflé. We work in ultra-niche markets with industry-leading clients, so our experts are skilled in many different fields. And our recruiters are individually specialized in finding the right talents that match your needs. We will guide you through the maze of change.